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Marvelous Egypt Travel, specialist in private & taylor made tour in Egypt!

Egypt offers you a rich cultural experience that spans thousands of years of history and the continuous practice of age old traditions. Walk into the vestibules of the ancients; explore Ancient Egyptian temples, tombs and other monuments. Get lost in time, visit museums that display thousands of ancient artefacts such as coins, ceramic art, busts of ancient emperors, mosaics, sarcophagi and mummies. Get enchanted by Ancient Egyptian myths during a sound and light show at the Temple of Philae or Abu-Simbel. Walk along ancient bazaars to shop in a traditional atmosphere and haggle for deals. Smoke hookahs and drink tea in old cafes as you watch living history pass by as it has for centuries in Egypt. Immerse yourself in the spectacle that is Egypt. Culture Immerse Yourself in Egypt,Honeymoons in Egypt,Culture,Beach,Travel back to ancient Egypt and immerse yourself in this ancient culture

Khephren Pyramid
Day Tour to Cairo from Port Said
Cairo, Egypt, Port Said
1 day
Crocodile & Snake Show
Egypt, Sharm el-Sheikh

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  • 16 Oct 2005 - Le séjour était très agréable, le Guide très gentil et arrangeant sur les horaires de départ. Vous nous avez été très agréable.
    Emilie & Patrick, France
  • 11 Aug 2006 - Our experience with "Marvelous Egypt Travel" was fantastic. The service was absolutely first rate. The accommodations were great and so were the tour guides. We were so pleasantly surprised at the incredible service for such a reasonable price. Sama was so attentive. By the end of the trip, we would joke that he was always 5 minutes early and he was there even when we didn't expect him to be. He was great. Thanks for a great experience.
    Tracy & Brian, USA
  • 30 Jul 2006 - Tout c'est bien passée, merci pour votre organisation et le professionnalisme et disponibilité de vos collaborateurs, en particulier sameh et hanny
    Thierry & his family, France
  • 1 May 2006 - Absolutely Fantastic, trip very well organized, trip guide was superb. Great service - Perfect!
    Gilly & her husband, UK
  • 8 Mar 2006 - Depuis notre enfance que nous voulions aller en Egypte et voilà c'est fait ! Sans eux... ce voyage aurait été ... l'enfer ! A la dernière minute, nous avons été lâché par notre organisateur qui devait s'occuper de nous. La veille de notre départ, un petit mail pour nous dire qu'il ne pouvais pas nous prendre et ... bon séjour en Egypte ! La catastrophe ! Nous avons immédiatement contacté Merveilleuse Egypte et tout a été mis en place pour notre séjour avec voiture, chauffeur, guide, etc. Tout ceci à ... moins de 24 heures de notre arrivée ! FELICITATIONS et longue vie à Merveilleuse Egypte. Amis Voyageurs.... n'hésitez surtout pas à leur faire confiance pour une voyage inoubliable en Egypte.... la vraie Egypte!!!!! un gros gros gros merci pour tout ce que vous avez fais afin de nous faire passer un voyage absolument extraordinaire. si vous n' aviez pas été là je ne sais ce que nous aurions fait !
    Michelle & Sebastien, Swiss Canada
  • 4 Jul 2006 - Un seul mot peut definir la qualite des services: Impeccable. Gentillesse, devouement, competence, disponibilite, vraiment tout fut parfait. L'erudition de Khalini, la prévenance du "technicien pousseur de fauteuil" dont je n'ai pas retenu le nom, le savoir faire du chauffeur, tout a contribue a faire de ce sejour un moment de pur bonheur. Inutile de dire que je ferai tout mon possible pour t'envoyer des clients et que moi-meme, pour mes futurs voyages, je me ferai un plaisir d'avoir recours aux prestations de ton equipe. Encore merci et bravo a tous.
    Gerard & his son, Belgium
  • 15 Oct 2006 - Encore une fois mille merci pour ta patience , j`apprécie énormément le professionnalisme dont toi et ton agence ont fait preuve pendant notre court séjour en Egypte tant du cote technique que du cote humain. J`aurais aimé vous rencontrer toi et ton conjoint vous etes surement des gens tres bien. Nous avons fait un voyage formidable grace a votre agence nous allons surement y retourner pour visiter le secteur de la mer rouge et je n`hésiterai pas a faire appelle a vous.
    Michel & her wife, Canada
  • 01 Jan 2015 - I'm back home. Our experience in egypt was great. Thanks for your assistance and for your planning. I would like to describe the services you provided me to give you notice of pro and cons, hoping it could be usefull to improve what is already good. In luxor our driver was good and capable also in the difficult street of egypt. Car was wonderfull and new, but maybe not so suitable for the streets so full of holes and bumps, in fact it was a little bit low and close to the ground. Our guide competent with very good italian. A smile more could be appreciated, but anyway I can give him a vote around 7. Our transfer from luxor to Marsa was very very long. I cannot imagine so long. In my mind it was maximum 4 hours, but it was approximately 6 hours, and roas was very unconfortable and slow, especially along Nile. Is not foult of the driver, but we arrived very tired. Alse here a higter car with bigger wheels could be better. That road is good for 4wd or a big van not so much for a beautiful and elegant hyunday. Anyway transfer was safe and driver confident. The assistence in Cairo was great. Driver perfect, according to the Cairo driving standards. Always ready to move us. Our guide was like a friend, and we liked him a lot. Mohamed speaks a perfect italian and is very skilled. We could give him a vote like a  full 8. We saw wonderfull places. Just our second cairo day lunch didn't like so much. The place wasmodern but crowded, noisy and not well illuminated. Very close to pyramids, but wasn't possible to see them from the inside. Food was sufficient and were a standard international cuisine dishes. It wasn't at the same level of services provided (exellent driver, guide and van). Nothing so impressive, nothing of egyptian. And I suppose that a tourist travelling in egypt could be courious to taste something of egyptian. I would prefer a more typical restaurant with more local atmosphere and with more local taste. Then last day we went to a falafel bar with Mohamed. He was so kind and always ready to speak us about everything and ready to shot us tons of pictures. Respecting our privacy and our times and our little delays. So I thank you so much to let us live this great experience.
    Giulio & Moira, Italia
  • 3 Mar 2007 - retour d'un voyage merveilleux : Nous tenons a vous remercier pour l'organisation de ce voyage qui nous a plu en tout point. Je suis en train de communiquer vos coordonnées a plusieurs amis ... j'espere qu'ils donneront suite a leur projet. Pourriez vous m'indiquer une adresse a laquelle je puisse envoyer une carte d'Amiens a Aiman pour le remercier de sa gentillesse et de ses explications sur les différents sites que nous avons visites au Caire. En vous renouvelant tous nos remerciements, nous vous adressons nos cordiales salutations.
    Thierry & Corinne, France
  • 23 Dec 2006 - Nous voulons vous remercier pour l'organisation de notre sejour au Caire, tout le monde a ete aux petits soins pour nous. Nous garderons un bon souvenir de notre sejour.
    Sabine & her family, Kenya